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On the Plants & Rants Podcast, host Johnny Vines sheds light on the importance of maintaining mental health, tips on building confidence and indoor plant care for plant killers and experts.

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Are you struggling with keeping a plant alive? Book a one on one session with Johnny Vines for plant rescue tips, trouble shooting and more.

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Explore a collection of indoor houseplants grown by sustainable nurseries that partner with Amazon, Home Depot and now Johnny Vines

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My main intention is to build a community that makes a positive change in the world. Learn how I teamed up with One Tree Planted to ensure the sustainability, growth and safety of wildlife and greenery worldwide.

About Us

Welcome To My Jungle


My names Johnny Vines.

I'm passionate about outdoor activities and indoor plants.

Laughter keeps me motivated, love keeps me rooted.

My intention is to uplift your spirit and enchant your home.

Community Of Change

Raquel Dior

This is amazing !!!! OMG I’m so excited for this podcast and super excited to become a plant mom !!!!

Raquel Dior


Great vibes. So happy to see you following your dreams and motivating me to continue with mine. We get so comfortable specially living in nyc I’m guilty of so many things you named. Looking forward to hearing more episodes and maybe even seeing some filmed! 🥰 best of luck !!!



Plants & Mental Health ❤️ When someone is able to bring a problem and a solution to a discussion in a fun yet informative way. I can't do anything but listen and smile. This was a great listen on my normally crazy ride home. I'm ready for more.